Significado de SmaraNa

SmaraNa – n. the act of remembering or calling to mind , remembrance , reminiscence , recollection of (gen. or comp.) MBh. R. &c. ; memory BhP. ; a kind of rhet. figure (cf. %{smRti}) Kpr. ; handing down by memory , tradition , traditional teaching or record or precept (%{iti@smaraNAt} , `” from its being so mentioned in the Smr2iti “‘ q.v.) Kull.: Ya1jn5. Sch. [1272,2] ; mental recitation (of the name of a deity) , calling upon the name of a god MW. ; (%{I}) f. a rosary of beads (held in the hand , not worn as a necklace) ib.

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